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Permanent Eyelash Makeup


Deepliner and Shadow technique


Do you struggle in front of the mirror every morning to create the perfect eyeliner, but you can't do it? Do you need reading glasses to put on eyeliner, which is not an option! If you want to save time in the morning, PMU eyeliner is the solution for you.

The advantage of an eyeliner is that it adds optical depth to the eyes. It looks like you have longer and fuller eyelashes. And your eyes seem bigger. Don't forget that the color of your eyes will also become more beautiful and more intense in color.

Even more reasons to have an eyeliner applied:

· Do you have allergies or sensitive eyes to make-up?

· You don't want it to spread (applies to every PMU treatment)

· You no longer have eyelashes due to a condition

· You no longer see well because you wear reading glasses

Closed Eye


o Deepliner:

This eyeliner is applied in the eyelash line of the eyes. The outcome of this eyeliner is that it gives the eyes optical depth and makes the eyelashes appear fuller. Is perfect for people who don't wear a lot of makeup and want a natural look. The thickness of the deepliner and possibly a fine wing is negotiable.

o Shadow eyeliner:

With a shadow eyeliner you create softness and you also have a make-up look. The top of the eyeliner is set with a shadow effect. This eyeliner gives you a natural look.


Do's and don'ts with a PMU eyeliner:

o Do not wear lenses during treatment and 24 hours after treatment

o Do not use eyelash serum for 14 days before and after the treatment

o Do not drink coffee on the day of the treatment

o wear lenses during treatment

Before the first consultation, a medical history form will be completed to determine whether you are a candidate for permanent make-up.

Some of the above reasons do not automatically mean that you cannot undergo these procedures.

Some medical conditions only require a statement from your GP or specialist in which you consent to the procedure.

For other high-risk conditions, the client may need to sign a disclaimer if he or she wishes to undergo the procedure.


Semi permanente make-up
Semi permanente make-up


We want to make our clients happy. The concept we support is therefore called 'best price / quality ratio'.

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