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About Us 

PMU Company offers a modern, clinical and private setting for all your needs


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Meet Sylvia

Welcome to the PMU Company. I am the founder and owner of the company. I work according to the very latest methods and techniques in the field of permanent make-up. A form of make-up that can make a difference in many areas. I know that better than anyone. 

​In May 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to chemotherapy I lost my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. With that I also lost the expression in my face and my self-confidence. I was then very happy that semi-permanent make-up existed. Because of this I got my eyebrows back so I now know better than anyone how important it is to feel nice and confident. 

After my illness I promised myself to only do things that make me feel good, so I didn't want to go back to my job as a financial employee. What I did like was working with my hands and grooming. I also love working with people, so I decided to follow my passion and started my own salon. 

Everything became clear to me on the first day… This profession is for me! My teacher thought I was a natural talent and the best compliment you can give me is that you feel good and that you think it's a good result. 

I want to make my clients aware of the possibilities to keep your skin tight and elastic for as long as possible. And that semi-permanent make-up is a way to look permanently well-groomed. I want to show them that they are important themselves.

In my salon, in addition to quality, a personal and warm atmosphere is paramount. I advise, treat and listen, as a result of which I have built up a large customer base of loyal customers over the past five years. In the future I would also like to train other starting beauticians, so that they also have the opportunity to grow. 

I founded my company with only one goal: to make beauty treatments effective, safe and affordable for everyone. All of my treatments and products are medically sound and I am committed to understanding and exceeding my clients' expectations. Ready to start a great collaboration?

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Monitoring and improving all forms of quality within PMU Company is a continuous process. 


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We work together with professionals

Sylvia successfully graduated from the exclusive educational institution for permanent make-up specialists "Evgenia Professional".

The goal is to take the PMU Company to the next level.

Do you also want skin that glows again? Or eyebrows that give more expression? Never want your eyeliner to run again? Then don't wait any longer and book an appointment now!

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We want to make our clients happy. The concept we support is therefore called 'best price / quality ratio'.


Quality and Reliability

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We use professional standards.


In this way we guarantee the highest possible quality of service and treatment for the customer.

We use professional standards, which is why we only work with the best products.

Bloomiing Skin Boutique has a GGD permit. This means that the beauty salon has passed a strict inspection.


During such an inspection, it is checked whether work is being done in accordance with the guidelines of the GGD and LCHV (national center for hygiene and safety).

Would you rather have a cup of coffee and no-obligation advice? Contact us! 

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